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That's because Google's OAuth does not support wildcard sub-domain matching.You can redirect the one static page of all sub-domain and after authenticate or get access token of OAuth then you return on your sub-domain page with access token. Wildcard Google Auth for multiple subdomains Dec 28, 2016 At , we setup demo docker boxes for our customers to play around in to get a feel for how our product works with a.

I have implemented Google oAuth on the site. Everything works fine except auth from subdomains on my siteI have a thousands of subdomains. When the user tries to authorize via subd.

If you have ssl just for some subdomain user wildcard the MitM attack is easy as I can redirect to non HTTPS web service of yours and obtain token and login as that user Depending on OAuths providers implementation and yours if you have SSL for. the attacker can still use. to MitM attack the enduser as the DNS takes this but the.</plaintext> 16.12.2011 · What is the intended brand that the Google users are asked to approve? Is it your application, or the sub-domains? If the latter, you probably want to ask your subdomain owners to register with Google separately. If the former, wouldn't it be possible for you to provide a single OAuth2 handling endpoint? You can encode the user's starting. Wildcard records are a type of resource record that will match one or more subdomains — if these subdomains do not have any defined resource records. Wildcard records are specified as the leftmost domain name label, using an asterisk followed by a dot. as shown here:.</p> <p>Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Subdomain: Enter the subdomain you're forwarding, www, or @ for the root domain. Destination URL: Enter the address you're directing the above subdomain to. Type of redirect: This selection determines how routers and browsers store your subdomain forwarding information. OAuth can be redirected to any subdomain under wildcard potencial leak token and so on Example: If you have just some subdomain and don't own the whole wildcard then the attacker can register other subdomain and make real good phishing attack like login page or serve malicious webpage.</p> <p>17.12.2015 · Allow wildcard redirect URLs 229. Closed johanbrook opened. but might've been mistaken. Would it be a security issue even if only the subdomain is a wildcard? This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply Member mjsalinger commented Jan 3, 2016. There are a few API providers that do not adhere to the spec and do allow it, even though it poses a. Wildcard matching subdomains is not supported in Google OAuth. You could try using the state parameter and include the user-specific information there. This parameter will be returned to you in the response. 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